GeneBrain® is a software tool that models large volumes of complex data for monitoring, classification of samples, repository querying, biomarker identification and the refinement and validation of hypotheses. GeneBrain® sits atop your data pipeline, integrating data from multiple platforms. We developed it to make data analysis simple, intuitive, and visually appealing. 

GeneBrain® has been successfully applied to:

  • Clinical studies, including vaccine efficacy,
  • Research data such as gene expression and proteomics,
  • Biosurveillance, and
  • The integration of data from multiple technology platforms.

GeneBrain® enhances this work through:

  • The ability to visualize data—enabling detection of outliers or lack of uniformity in enrolled patient populations
  • Identification of which data features or groupings of features out of thousands are predictive or characteristic
  • Integration of multiple data pipelines for effective, unified analysis
  • Query capability to find matching patterns whether actual or hypothetical
  • The ability to formulate and refine hypotheses about data in silico saving research costs
  • Putting data exploration into the hands of non-mathematicians to explore high dimensional data and full repositories for discovery, surveillance and hypothesis testing using visualization tools
Genebrain: Opening New Frontiers in Science and Medicine
Image of a scatter plot

Find similar patients within an entire repository; make comparisons of their relevant data features with a single click.

Image of data points
Image of data points

Obtain understanding of groupings and non-uniformity of SNP distribution in an enrolled patient population by visual inspection.