Our company philosophy is grounded in creativity, openness, and growth. But what do these words mean to us?


By creativity, we mean out-of-the-box thinking, asking questions, and exploring ideas. We mean taking imaginative approaches to solve problems and envision the future.

Why is creativity so important?

We live in a fast-changing world where vast numbers of people and organizations are increasingly linked by technology and advanced communications, and where we have an explosion of data available at our fingertips. Our business depends on individual creativity and imagination to solve problems and shape the future. So, at Digital Infuzion we not only encourage and reward creativity, we thrive on it.


Creativity requires openness and flexibility to flourish. Our culture operates on an open-door policy that fosters free communication among managers and employees.

Rather than taking a formal, top-down approach to communication, we encourage turning directly to one another—managers, coworkers—with questions or concerns. We use this principle of open dialogue during team projects and company-wide meetings. Openness is key to understanding and to our success.


The growth of our employees is central to our growth as a company.

For this reason we encourage all our employees—regardless of job title—to pursue new knowledge and become leaders in the work they do. We offer training and continuing education for technical and nontechnical employees, as well as formal and informal mentoring.

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