Suresh Varghese

Suresh Varghese is a co-founder and is responsible for developing Digital Infuzion’s technology strategy. He provides thought leadership in the clinical research domain including clinical trials management and regulatory compliance. For two decades, Mr. Varghese has fostered collaborations and go-to-market strategies with our portfolio of clinical research informatics solutions and domain partners.

Using experience in an array of fields related to federal information technology, Mr. Varghese oversees delivery of innovative digital transformation solutions to a wide range of NIH customers. His diverse leadership experience includes management of IT operations, launching and management of clinical research management innovation and regulatory compliance programs, and clinical research policy.

He has been recognized with multiple NIAID Merit Awards from Dr. Anthony Fauci for leadership on implementing a new clinical research oversight system that led to the approval of an innovative product for HIV/AIDS prevention, computer systems validation and supporting GAO audit. Mr. Varghese was also recognized by the NIAID CIO for his contribution to computer systems validation and the integration of an Institute-wide clinical research management system at NIAID.

A quality and process improvement expert, Mr. Varghese drives his teams to ask the right question: “What problem are we really solving within our client’s organization?” He inspires his teams to understand the root cause and impacts of our clients’ challenges and then develop a long-term, sustainable, best-value solution. Mr. Varghese holds a Master’s in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University.