Meg Virkar

An expert in contract negotiations, procurement, and logistics, co-founder Meg Virkar’s rich business background enabled her to design Digital Infuzion as an organization that successfully supports both its mission and its people. By focusing on our most important asset, our people, Ms. Virkar has always been central to producing long-term value for Digital Infuzion. After two decades, our corporate culture remains a testament to the strong foundation she imagined and created as she identified and developed talent, trained teams, and aligned our people with the company’s vision and goals.

Ms. Virkar’s experience with start-ups has been instrumental in Digital Infuzion’s ability to manage our own accelerated growth. Under her leadership, we developed the long-term perspective that is deeply rooted in our culture. From the outset, we committed to delivering sustainable solutions as our clients’ long-term partners and to supporting our own organic growth by promoting talent from within.

Ms. Virkar’s founding work produced not just these tangible results, but also intangible results like the warmth, dedication, and sense of common purpose that are in the air at Digital Infuzion.

With an M.S. and M.B.A. in finance and marketing from The Johns Hopkins University, Ms. Virkar develops corporate performance metrics and goals, promotes work/life balance, and oversees all investor and government relations, public affairs, and internal communications.