Observational Outcomes

Health Outcomes

The world of real world health research and medical outcomes is now personal. Our Observational Outcomes platform research focuses on one patient, with the goal of understanding disease and tailoring treatment to this individual. Observational Outcomes platform is the impetus behind a data revolution in healthcare and health behavior that includes: 

  • Real-world heart monitors 
  • Real-time observational research 
  • The data-driven self 
  • Personalized genetic medicine

At Digital Infuzion, we help our clients and patients take innovative approaches to understanding their data, diseases, and health. 

A Data-Driven Platform

At the heart of the platform is a real-time, patient-centric architecture that builds research and longitudinal views one patient at a time. While clinical trials require blinding, real-world insights require real-time data. The platform achieves a dynamic, data-driven view by integrating research-quality data sources, such as EDC or EMR, and transforming that data into meaningful clinical research and outcomes reports relevant to that disease or condition. 

Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes & Surveys (ePRO)

Digital Infuzion integrates clinical data and patient-reported data using a web-based, mobile-friendly portal.  Here, patients can enter their own data in response to custom designed surveys.  The platform allows a clinical team to initiate, manage, and analyze directly entered patient data from their research subjects.

Patient-Level Report Examples 

  • Disease-specific assessments
  • Genotype/phenotype
  • Longitudinal response to treatment
  • Labs
  • Quality-of-life assessments
  • Patient-friendly annotations 


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Client Applications

Because this platform is focused on real-world research and is designed for patient-level outcomes, we customize and configure for a variety of scenarios, including: 

  • Chronic and rare diseases 
  • Registries and real-world research  
  • Electronic patient reported outcomes & surveys (ePRO)
  • Pay-for-value evidence reporting
  • Mobile health behavior change

Mobile Health 

The Observational Outcomes platform is enabled for secure mobile health applications for physicians, patients, and researchers. It can create aggregate reports and rich, interactive data visualizations for patient-friendly reporting, collaboration, and research. 

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Observational Outcomes

Preliminary Quote
Digital Infuzion implemented and operates outcomes research platform for Synageva, Inova Health System, and Genzyme.