Title V Information Systems (TVIS)

Client Situation

In 2013, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) began work to develop and refine a vision for transforming the Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant to better meet current and future challenges facing our Nation’s mothers and children. The goals of the Title V MCH Block Grant transformation are threefold: (1) reduce burden to states; (2) maintain state flexibility; and (3) improve accountability. 

As a result of this transformation, MCHB issued a new Title V Block Grant guidance mandating new data collection and web reports systems. The new Title V Information System (TVIS) modifies the performance measure framework, where a three-tiered performance measure structure is introduced to show more clearly the contributions of Title V programs in impacting health outcomes while still maintaining flexibility for the states.

The Digital Infuzion Solution

Digital Infuzion (DIFZ) began work with HRSA to support the Maternal and Child Health Bureau in 2014. DIFZ implemented the TVIS 3.0 Data Entry system, a web-based software system that captures information from the annual Title V Block Grant Application and Annual Reports submitted by the 59 U.S. States, Territories, and Jurisdictions.  

The TVIS 3.0 Data Entry system provides:

  • Seamless integration with HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks, HRSA grants management system.
  • Data entry forms to electronically capture financial, program and performance data. Many of the forms have form level and cross-form validations. 
  • Data from 13 external federal agencies, consisting of multi-year and stratifier data, to prepopulate the National Outcome Measures and National Performance Measures.

  • Five-Year State Action Plan Table to link state priority needs, National Outcome Measures, National Performance Measures, and eventually the  Evidence-Based or Informed Strategy Measures and State Performance Measures.

  • Narrative to allow State users to enter their Annual Report information. The TVIS 3.0 Data Entry system provides rich text editor fields for text, tables, and graphics, as well as the ability to upload supporting documents. 

  • Form Status Checker to permit the user to check the current status of each form and narrative section for completeness and accuracy.


Digital Infuzion developed TVIS 3.0 within an extremely tight schedule and was released to excellent reviews and exceptional quality levels. DIFZ achieved MCHB’s threefold aims to reduce burden, maintain state flexibility and improve accountability. Using the latest technologies, TVIS 3.0 incorporates data from 13 federal agencies to pre-populate forms to reduce burden, allows States to select 8 of 15 National Performance Measures to maintain state flexibility, and enables States to analyze the data to develop future performance objectives based on historical data trends.. TVIS 3.0 addresses the threefold aims and provides MCHB with the tools and capacity to demonstrate the effectiveness and the impact of the Title V MCH Block Grant program.