Evaluating Scientific Management Systems

Client Situation

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Integrated Research Facility (IRF) is on a mission to manage, coordinate, and facilitate the conduct of emerging infectious disease and bio-defense research. Its goal is to develop vaccines, countermeasures, and improved medical outcomes for patients. In carrying out its mission, NIAID IRF identified two prevailing needs. 

  • Develop data management capabilities similar to those of a research hospital, with support for basic science experiments
  • Collaborate across the spectrum of the IRF scientific community

NIAID IRF sought external support to conduct a formal and complete discovery and validation of scientific and science management systems at its facilities.

The Digital Infuzion Solution

In the four-phase project, Digital Infuzion:

  • Conducted a Requirements Discovery to determine the existing and future needs of various stakeholders.
  • Completed a Requirements Analysis and Validation to assess current requirements, future requirements, how implementable and supportable they are, and to assign cost.
  • Delivered an Analysis and Recommendation about whether any existing NIH or NIAID systems should be used for IRF scientific systems requirements, or whether an “off-the-shelf” or custom-developed system would be preferable.
  • Developed a Request for Proposal based on the recommendation.


With strengths in systems analysis, and a fundamental understanding of how scientists and research hospitals work, Digital Infuzion undertook this project eagerly and confidently.  As a subcontractor to Turner Consulting, Inc., Digital Infuzion delivered an array of analysis and services. Digital Infuzion completed this project as it was originally designed, helping NIAID IRF identify the best systems solution for its needs.