Assistance Managing a Growing Research Portfolio

Client Situation

The NIAID Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Transplantation (DAIT) works to enhance the understanding of protective immunity, as well as the causes and mechanisms that lead to the development of immunologic diseases.

With that mission, DAIT promotes and supports basic, pre-clinical, and clinical research to develop improved diagnostic tests, more effective approaches to treatment, and, ultimately, the prevention of immune-mediated diseases.

As DAIT’s research portfolio has grown and become more complex, its labor-intensive information management activities have also intensified--along with the number of challenges in data redundancy, accuracy, and currency. DAIT decided to streamline and standardize its information management activities.

The Digital Infuzion Solution

Digital Infuzion excels at bringing higher-level understanding and insights to such complex challenges, and are creating a comprehensive Clinical Research Information System (CRIS) to provide DAIT with automation for a wide range of clinical trial management activities for its many clinical research efforts.

Digital Infuzion is developing the following components for DAIT-CRIS:

  • Protocol management
  • Master contact
  • Clinical site monitoring tracking
  • Serious adverse events tracking


The new system will:

  • Support the managing of DAIT-funded clinical research
  • Assist DAIT staff in managing its clinical research program 
  • Provide DAIT staff extensive information management capabilities
  • Enable DAIT to manage its clinical research portfolio, track clinical monitoring activities and serious adverse events