DHS BioWatch: Developing a Portal for Program Management

Client Situation

In response to the threat of potential biological attacks, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established the BioWatch Program, a federal security organization that uses pathogen detectors in key U.S. cities to detect and monitor trace quantities of airborne bio-agents. The Program’s mission is to determine whether such agents are harmfully introduced or naturally occurring, in order to rapidly alert emergency response units in the event of an outbreak.

To support this mission, the Program’s Systems Engineering Division (SED) develops a variety of business documents on a daily basis. However, its existing document development methods were limiting and cumbersome; the division required a new solution that would support a higher standard of efficiency—namely, an online portal that would improve information access, version tracking, auditing, and turnaround time.

The Digital Infuzion Solution

Silva Consulting and Digital Infuzion developed an online Program Management Area using Microsoft SharePoint™ portal technology. Through KA (knowledge acquisition) sessions with SED staff Digital Infuzion and Silva Consulting provided technical expertise in areas such as prototype design and business process reengineering. Created in conjunction with existing DHS business rules, the portal’s features support each step of the Program’s contract life cycle: creation, submission, review, approval, award, and performance monitoring. With the Program Management Area, BioWatch employees now have a secure, accessible, easy-to-use collaboration mechanism that accelerates the completion of contract requirements and submission of deliverables, and improves process efficiency and employee productivity.


  • A single online environment that provides a common user experience
  • A structure for streamlining administrative tasks
  • Accelerated document development
  • Enhanced document tracking and version control
  • Improved contract life cycle management
  • Streamlined compliance with DHS security standards
  • Automated alerts and messaging
  • Reduced administrative burden