DTRA Biosurveillance Ecosystem (BSVE)

Making the World Safer

Client Situation

The Biosurveillance ecosystem (BSVE) is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Chemical and Biological Technologies Department’s innovative, rapidly emerging capability being developed to enable real-time biosurveillance for early warning and course of action analysis.

The Digital Infuzion Solution

The developmental approach of BSVE, which includes obtaining feedback from the user community early in the development cycle, represents a new paradigm that will result in an IT framework with the following main tenants:

  • User-derived, user-tested: Users, federal agencies and state and local public health agencies provided information on their needs and identified a unique set of capabilities that drives BSVE development.
  • Configurability: Users can customize their BSVE analyst workbench to support their activities regardless of location, skill level or resources.
  • Interoperability: A cloud-based, open source unclassified environment using a wide variety of data sources in real time with advanced visualization analytics.
  • Sustainability: The downloadable software development kit (SDK) will allow for externally developed analytics, disease spread models, baseline deviation algorithms, and new data sources’ visualizations, all to be integrated into the BSVE. SDK will allow users, researchers, students and citizens to participate.


Delivers a platform that enables analysts and decision makers to see alerts and potentially emerging disease as well the means to visualize and analyze the numerous data streams.

  • Advanced visualization techniques help users to understand relationships between data, and potential correlations, allowing for real-time disease prediction and forecasting.
  • The BSVE SDK allows third party application developers to efficiently plug their own applications in to the BSVE and make them available to the BSVE user community. The development kit provides the ability for applications to push and pull data from BSVE, and transfer information between other applications.
  • Operating through the web, BSVE integrates health and non-health data streams including clinical, environmental, and social medial.
  • The participatory, user-derived solution evolves and changes based on feedback generated from the BSVE user community.