Biopharma / Life Sciences

We Focus on the "Data Out"

Today, biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies have the ability to generate and collect tremendous amounts of complex research data. However, many companies take a traditional approach to capturing and managing data, a process that only addresses the "data in" process of research and related activities. This approach creates stovepipes of disparate data and workflows generating barriers to accessing potential troves of new discoveries and gaining valuable insights.

To address the wave of big data, health research, and outcomes data challenges, Digital Infuzion offers a range of strategic biomedical informatics  to improve real-time insight, disease management, reimbursement and regulatory reporting, platform operations, and enhanced value in an integrated electronic environment.

Gaucher Registry

Digital Infuzion implemented and operates Sanofi Genzyme's RegistryNXT! outcomes research platform.

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