Who We Serve

We focus on areas of the health industry where innovation, integration, and interoperability can drive substantial change for improving human health. Our efforts deliver large, meaningful, and long-term innovations that make a difference in health and human understanding through informatics and better decision-making.

The greatest opportunity to impact change requires understanding the key intersections of knowledge discovery and data development in the fields of health. Where these elements overlap and intersect, rich sources of insights, translational discovery, and transformative change exist. These converging health industry sectors with translational intersections are where we provide our insights, expertise, and solutions to help shape the future.

  • We partner with leading biomedical and health research enterprises.
  • We bring a team of real-world clinical systems, informatics, and health IT experience.
  • We apply innovative health technology products and services to create new insight and value in your domain expertise.

Biopharma / Life Sciences

Today's biopharmaceutical companies embrace ever-expanding opportunities to understand disease and develop treatments. But they also face many challenges: fierce business competition, in-house applications that do not collaborate efficiently, and compliance with federal regulations. Digital Infuzion provides the technical capabilities they need to cut costs and efficiently transfer drugs from the laboratory to the marketplace.



Like the private sector, government entities with interests in biomedical research and healthcare service and oversight must justify their investments in technology. They expect to realize results in greater efficiencies, lower costs, expanded capabilities, and new insights. Digital Infuzion is a proven partner to the public sector in delivering the desired outcomes that advance the missions of multiple government agencies.

Academic / Non-Profit Research

For clients like the Harvard Medical School Center for AIDS Research, Digital Infuzion creates custom products and services that channel the flow of data so solutions are developed faster. Our professionals bring expertise in science, medicine, and technology to projects for research institutions, so we understand the challenges, the potential outcomes, and how we can help with meaningful insights along the way. 

Non Profit Research

Standards & Interoperability

For healthcare stakeholders, Digital Infuzion provides semantic interoperability to achieve seamless integration between multiple systems as well as organizations and partners. Our domain expertise and understanding of healthcare organization environments enables us to provide long-term solutions that improves the agility of the organization.

Standards & Operability


For health systems, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), health payers, and other health services organizations, Digital Infuzion provides translational informatics services and solutions to support their needs and programs in population genomics, comparative effectiveness, and personalized medicine. Our expertise and approaches to designing, developing, and deploying IT solutions for disease management, observational outcomes, and biomedical research assists our clients in rapidly advancing their next generation informatics initiatives forward. Our domain expertise and understanding of healthcare organization environments provides a trusted partner that appreciates the challenging realities of advancing IT capabilities in an active care delivery system.

Health Care