N of 1 Health Research

Imagine if caregivers, researchers and scientists struggling from lack of data, lack of coordination, and lack of connectivity could be integrated to find treatments faster? 

Digital Infuzion's N of 1 disease management analytics and electronic patient reported outcomes platform seeks to connect the dots within a disease community to accelerate understanding, research, and drug discovery to impact each patient’s outcome.


  • Patients and their supporters can share and compare within their disease community through a mobile friendly app.
  • Medical caregivers can conduct real-world, evidence based observational research informed by industry best practices and standards.
  • Clinical and scientific research can be standardized to accelerate the discovery and approval of treatments.
  • Analysis of a cross section of health data collected by both Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO) systems.

Key Features and Applications

Creating and Engaging Patient Communities

Patient Organization members connect on the easy to set up, user-friendly and responsive web site.

Real-World, Evidence Based Research

Reminds patients and increases compliance by tailoring surveys to study specific needs.

Scientific and Clinical Trials Research

Ensuring data quality and regulatory compliance by leveraging electronic data capture (EDC).