Mobile Health

Mobile Application Development

At Digital Infuzion, mobile solutions are not stand-alone apps. We integrate mobile solutions as extensions of your enterprise systems, providing interactivity and constant connectivity.

Our mobile apps are visually engaging. They encourage exploration of data and inspire novel questions. We specialize in developing solutions that seamlessly compliment and tie into existing systems, allowing data to be accessible any time, anywhere.

Mobile Networking and Support

Digital Infuzion has extensive experience and expertise in equipping clinical environments with the technical components necessary to offer reliable mobile solutions for clinical healthcare.

Our strategic mobile integration methods enable secure, reliable access to wireless local area networks (WLANs) through handheld devices such as cell phones, tablets, and notebook PCs.

For every implementation, we offer systems planning, software development, training, testing, and operational support to seamlessly integrate your technical infrastructure components—desktops, handhelds, routers, and servers—into the world of mobile capability.

Mobile Alert Systems

As part of our mobile solution offerings, we expand or configure mobile applications to support automatic alert systems. These systems are designed to send electronic notifications and information updates to specific subscribers.

For example, a pharmacist may subscribe to the system and receive mobile alerts on updated data sources, new clinical periodicals, university study findings, clinical trial results, outbreaks, and adverse effects.

Providing Secure Access

In the context of healthcare, information security is critical, especially considering the sensitivity of patient privacy.

Our mobile solutions focus on creating safe, secure mobile access and transmission of information via security protocols, encryption tools and network encryption schemes, secure authentication, and virtual private networks.

We also offer security assessments and independent verification and validation services.

NXT Mobile

Digital Infuzion created NXT!Mobile, a mobile app for viewing rich graphics of worldwide aggregate data.

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