Health Data Interoperability

Implementation of Industry Standards

Today many clinical trials are still conducted in isolation.

As a result, research and patient data are often redundantly collected but not shared, or collected in different methods and formats.

To promote the efficient exchange of this data, Digital Infuzion works with standards-making bodies such as the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and Health Level Seven (HL7) to develop and incorporate industry standards that improve the way different healthcare computer systems share information, including:

  • Collaborating with clinical experts to build schemas that verify whether compiled data conforms to set industry standards
  • Designing web services that allow dispersed workers and organizations to effectively exchange and collect standardized data
  • Integrating applications across platforms so that they share data easily
  • Designing clinical databases and clinical site monitoring systems using existing or emerging industry standards to ensure interoperability

Data Integration and Exchange

Part of the challenge to make healthcare organizations and clinical data interoperable is data integration—the act of combining sources of clinical data residing in multiple, distributed locations to present a single, central collection of the data.

Digital Infuzion specializes in:

  • Integrating applications across diverse platforms such as UNIX, Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Incorporating different types of data into standards-based schemas
  • Building libraries of schemas to facilitate data exchange between research centers
  • Designing systems architectures and applications to send and receive data through FTP, SMTP, and direct database links

Web Services Supporting Access Interoperability

We leverage the full power of existing and emerging web technologies to automate the delivery of information services, and disseminate and provide access to standardized clinical data.

Our web-based solutions include:

  • Developing web portals through which multiple research networks can access the same data
  • Using Microsoft’s .NET product to create standard, secure XML Web services that better support the exchange of standardized data
  • Providing outside universities and other interested organizations with secure online access to standardized clinical data
  • Implementing web security and quality assurance programs to ensure that accessed data is safe, accurate, and reliable

Participating with Industry Data Standard Organizations

Standards organizations such as CDISC and HL7 have created global data standards—independent of platforms—that provide a common language with which healthcare enterprises can communicate.

As a healthcare IT service provider, Digital Infuzion collaborates regularly with CDISC, HL7, and other organizations to develop standards-based data sharing solutions, including senior management who participate as board members.


Digital Infuzion's Operational Outcomes platform uses CDISC standards to  interchange data every 5 minutes.

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