Our Values


At Digital Infuzion, we are committed to an overarching trio of values that have fueled us since the beginning: creativity, openness, and growth.

Out of this trio, our supporting values flow naturally:

  • Dedication to quality
  • Authentic customer relations
  • A positive employee culture
  • Corporate citizenship


In order to solve complex problems and offer solutions that produce enduring results, we encourage our team to try new approaches:

  • Explore the unusual.
  • Believe that even the most unusual ideas can open minds.
  • Change the course for our clients and ourselves.


Have a question or concern? Have a crazy idea or serious issue on your mind?

At Digital Infuzion, we authentically operate on an open door policy:

  • Integrity
  • Open debate and respect
  • An environment where people can freely voice their ideas to each other and management
  • Uninhibited by a rigid hierarchy based on job titles


In the information technology world, opportunities for growth and education are abound.

At Digital Infuzion, we want our employees to seize these opportunities.

Since everyone influences how the company achieves its goals, we encourage employees to take ownership of their projects, learn new concepts, and apply their skills cross-functionally.

We want our employees to become leading professionals in their areas of focus.

Dedication to Quality

Dedication to quality is what drives us to listen actively to our clients’ needs, hire employees who have a passion to excel, and deliver the right services and solutions on schedule and within budget.

It is what drives our attention to detail, careful planning and design, and use of proven processes and technology. It is what causes us to continually ask, “What can we do better?”

Authentic Customer Relations

We believe in authentic customer relationships fueled by honest, open communication. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to every project, we like to examine the customer’s specific needs and say, “Yes, we can do it—and this is what it will take to do it.”

This is reflected in the company's unique history and accomplishments:

  • Architecting a large enterprise system for NIH to help researchers find a cure for AIDS
  • Completing projects that help the United States build effective countermeasures to bioterrorism
  • Providing services to the Department of Health and Human Services to support hurricane relief efforts

A Positive Employee Culture

Digital Infuzion’s most valuable asset is the strength of its intellectual capital—our employees. To foster a positive culture in which our employees can thrive, we provide a comprehensive benefits plan, implement rewards and incentives programs, offer tuition assistance, and hold an awards ceremony every year to recognize exceptional achievement.

Learn more about our employee culture in our Careers section.