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Maryland Delegate Aruna Miller visits Digital Infuzion Headquarters

Maryland Delegate Aruna Miller visited Digital Infuzion’s headquarters on September 9, 2013.  Delegate Miller is a member of the state House of Delegates, representing Maryland’s 15th Legislative District, a section of Montgomery County, where many Digital Infuzion employees live.

Delegate Miller toured the office space and engaged in lively discussion about Digital Infuzion’s innovative products and projects. Topics included how Digital Infuzion’s projects in biosurveillance, disease registries, and HIV/AIDS disease surveillance have the potential to affect improved public health for Montgomery County and greater Maryland.  In particular, Digital Infuzion’s projects addressing the continuity of care and treatment for those with HIV/AIDS in the state of Maryland and the challenges associated with accessing and disseminating public health data resonated with Delegate Miller’s concern for the county’s health and effective use of public resources.

The conversation about how health data and informatics can dramatically make a difference for our community was both enlightening and stimulating. Delegate Miller is an inspiring leader in Montgomery County, and Digital Infuzion appreciates having a representative who cares so deeply about both local and growing businesses, and wishes to solve the meaningful public health challenges of our community that Digital Infuzion is dedicated to solving.


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