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Friday, April 13, 2018

NIH's Biowulf Ranked 66th Fastest Supercomputer

As of November 2017, Biowulf, the National Institute of Health’s HPC (High Performing Computation) system was ranked the 66th fastest supercomputer in the world by Biowulf jumped 90 positions in the ranking since November 2016 due to NIH’s recent efforts in expanding and increasing Biowulf’s performance into the next generation of computing. The expansion, which began in July 2015, involved quadrupling the number of Biowulf’s connected servers to accommodate increasing computational needs. To assist in the development, Digital Infuzion formed and led an engineering team (which included CCG Facilities Integration, Inc., DPR Construction, and BioTeam) contracted to provide electrical, mechanical, and systems design services over this two-year multi-phase expansion of the Biowulf cluster. This effort included the mechanical implementation of Biowulf’s updated cooling and monitoring systems necessary to counter the increasing high heat output caused by the data center’s significant growth. This project was completed successfully in July of 2017. NIH’s HPC website reports that Biowulf’s renovation is allowing for faster computational speeds, increased scientific applications and databases, and greater technological support for the NIH intramural research community.

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Author: Lyndi Scott

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