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Digital Infuzion Receives Flu Fighter Award

GAITHERSBURG, MD — Each year, Adventist Healthcare Lifeworks Strategies, a local health care delivery organization, recognizes Maryland companies that go above and beyond providing their employees a healthy work environment by awarding them the Flu Fighter Award. Digital Infuzion is one of the companies lauded for its commitment to a healthy workforce and community, through efforts such as offering on-site flu vaccination clinics, providing paid sick leave, making hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaning products available, and additional health benefits. “We are very grateful to receive the award in recognition of our efforts,” says Digital Infuzion’s Human Resources Executive Director, Richard Mariani, “but we also want to extend a huge thank you to Jennifer Davis, who submitted Digital Infuzion’s application to receive the award.”

Jennifer Davis is Digital Infuzion’s Human Resources Manager, and when asked why she applied, says, “I felt the company deserved recognition for the efforts it continuously makes to help employees take care of themselves, both in the office as well as at home. If an employee catches the flu at work, they will likely take it home where it may spread to family members. If we can help prevent the spread of flu in the workplace, then we are also helping employees’ families.” Digital Infuzion has actively encouraged employee wellness since 2006, though this is the first time the company received recognition for those efforts. It will definitely not be the last, as Davis says, “We are working with our benefits broker to bring in other wellness opportunities for our employees, such as a yoga class to de-stress, a healthy cooking demonstration, and a smoking cessation program. In today’s workplace, work and life are often intertwined so helping our employees to be healthy benefits both them and Digital Infuzion.”

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Digital Infuzion is a custom biomedical informatics solutions provider focused on developing and applying technology to empower decision making and accelerate insight for health, science, and human understanding in the life sciences and clinical research industries. Working at the intersection of biology, medicine, and technology, our deep understanding of these fields grants us the ability to offer the most innovative technology services and real-world solutions to the world's leading research centers and health care organizations, for the advancement of biomedical informatics.

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