Data Coordinating Centers

Our clients engaged in scientific research need novel and highly scalable solutions that enable the extraction of new knowledge from the data at their disposal, whether local or shared by others.

Our Expertise

  • We build data management platforms for scientific research data collection, sharing, and tracking.
  • We are data standard experts with the subject-matter knowledge to develop reasonable yet effective standards our scientific customers adopt
  • We are expert Cloud developers. We understand the benefits and pitfalls of Cloud-hosting and design solution that are right-sized to the need
  • We are technology agnostic. Our solutions seamlessly marry open source and proprietary software


  • Technical solutions that follow the scientific practices of our clients
  • Rapid development and deployment that leverages our Agile practices and Cloud-first approaches
  • Increased quality of data through the development and adoption of common standards
  • Increased visibility into data contributions thought advanced reporting and analytics