Our Vision

Powering the healthcare revolution with smart, high quality information that transforms data into meaningful digital experiences for health, science, and human understanding.

We work to revolutionize the experience of managing health, conducting biomedical research, and understanding disease.

We deliver the highest quality of service to the world's leading biomedical organizations, which receive the best experience in the 4Ms: Making, Moving, Managing, Meaningfulness of biomedical information.

The Health IT Challenge

In today's health care environment, we need to analyze data in real time. On screen, in our palms, or at our fingertips.

Revolutions in biotechnology and data are colliding: we are deploying EHRs, mining data for research, applying new innovations in genomics, seeing new disease pathologies, and launching new trials at a rapid pace.

All of this is made possible by transforming a reactive health care system into a system that helps providers make informed decisions through planning, proven strategies and evidence-based use of healthcare data.

The challenge?

To manage, mine, and make sense of health data with the care another human life demands.

That's the role of smart biomedical informatics.